24. Boy. Has a habit of being tired, being sad, being gay. Trans, Pan, Anxiety, Depression, etc.
plantbloggerjameskirk Whatchuwant???
Your trans!Dean art is fantastic!!!

oh my! Thank you!

I actually forget that Dean isnt trans actually…




some crappy scribbly things i drew a little while ago :O


(vía simon pegg nick frost gif | WiffleGif)

i want to lay my head upon someones stomach and watch Dark City and by “watch” I mean get my head rubbed while I fall asleep


If you wanna go and fly away I’d cry for you

Cause I don’t ever wanna have to say goodbye to you

So baby if you wanna be

You can be the one for me

You can be my only honeybee


#Are we going to talk #about how Cas was like staring at dean’s lips #with that glazed look on his face #before looking up at his eyes again


Wonder Woman

HeroesCon 2014 sketch

I love her all golden armor look so, so much.  Basically threw in the eagle helmet as a nod to it.  Reflective finishes are becoming really fun and challenging to do. :)